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CollapseNH New Hampshire

NH New Hampshire
53 Stiles Rd
C 201
Salem, NH 03079
Phone 603.893.5853
Fax 603.893.6144
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Lindsay Roberts, Executive Director, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Timothy Roberts, Executive Director, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Cheryl Johnson, Regional Admin, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Debbie Roberts, Regional Admin, 603-893-5853x201, Send Message
Emily Breton, Regional Admin, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Jason Buchanan, Regional Admin, 207.841.4570, Send Message
Jamie Stein, Sr. Director Consultant, 603-791-4585, Send Message
William Coyne, Sr. Director Consultant, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Amy Howard, Director Consultant, 603-969-4704, Send Message
Cheri Roberts, Director Consultant, 603.504.4780, Send Message
Donald LaPlume, Director Consultant, 603-442-6020, Send Message
Jason Nadeau, Director Consultant, 603-706-0963, Send Message
Jennifer O'Keefe, Director Consultant, 603-943-6480, Send Message
Jonathan Blitz, Director Consultant, 603-809-3351, Send Message
Karyn Krause Cumberland, Director Consultant, 603-778-1984, Send Message
Kevin Rice, Director Consultant, 802-457-9339, Send Message
Lynne Ganley, Director Consultant, 603.978.6361, Send Message
Matthew Randall, Director Consultant, 603-767-6500, Send Message
Raef Granger, Director Consultant, 603-766-1969, Send Message
Sheri-Lynn Fournier, Director Consultant, 603-321-6420, Send Message
Zachary Saunders, Director Consultant, 603-770-8118, Send Message
Donna Smith, Ambassador, 603-964-0600, Send Message
Joe St. Pierre, Ambassador, (603) 421-0621, Send Message