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CollapseNH New Hampshire

NH New Hampshire
31 Lowell Rd
Unit 6
Windham, NH 03087
Phone 603.893.5853
Fax 603.893.6144
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Lindsay Roberts, Executive Director, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Timothy Roberts, Executive Director, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Cheryl Johnson, Regional Admin, 603-594-0146, Send Message
Debbie Roberts, Regional Admin, 603-893-5853x201, Send Message
Emily Breton, Regional Admin, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Jamie Stein, Sr. Director Consultant, 603-791-4585, Send Message
Jason Buchanan, Sr. Director Consultant, 207.841.4570, Send Message
William Coyne, Sr. Director Consultant, 603-893-5853, Send Message
Amy Howard, Director Consultant, 603-969-4704, Send Message
Cheri Roberts, Director Consultant, 603.504.4780, Send Message
Donald LaPlume, Director Consultant, 603.304.6593, Send Message
Jenny Cheifetz, Director Consultant, 6033056026, Send Message
Joanne Randall, Director Consultant, 603.227.5240, Send Message
Jonathan Blitz, Director Consultant, 603-809-3351, Send Message
Karyn Krause Cumberland, Director Consultant, 603-778-1984, Send Message
Kevin Rice, Director Consultant, 802-457-9339, Send Message
Lynne Ganley, Director Consultant, 603.978.6361, Send Message
Raef Granger, Director Consultant, 603-766-1969, Send Message
Sheri-Lynn Fournier, Director Consultant, 603-321-6420, Send Message
Christine Lewis, Ambassador, 978-398-0701, Send Message
Denyne Sanville, Ambassador, 978-846-3046, Send Message
Justin Hall, Ambassador, 603-606-4255, Send Message
Valerie Haggett, Ambassador, 603-382-8770, Send Message
Zachary Saunders, Ambassador, 603-770-8118, Send Message